Tuner fishers reminded of deep water danger

23 March 2013

Boaters chasing tuna in South Australia’s southern waters are reminded of the dangers of venturing into deep water.

Some popular tuna grounds are in some precarious places for small boats and in experienced skippers, Transport Safety Compliance Officer, Pat Sparks said.

“Spots like The Pages (islands) east of Kangaroo Island can be quite dangerous because the location is so exposed,” he said.

“In open sea, deep water areas like this there is no protection between here and Antarctica, so the sea is very unpredictable.

“Over such long distances waves can build up in size so it’s definitely not a spot for tinnies and bigger boats must take care too.”

Last year two men were rescued near North Page Island in the Backstairs Passage after their boat was swamped by a wave.

Fortunately the pair had an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), which automatically activated and quickly alerted authorities.

Click here for a video on using an EPIRB.

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