Distressed boatie fires flares

9 April 2013

An incident last year has raised awareness about the importance of flares when out on the water.

A distressed boatie in Guichen Bay, near Kingston, let off a flare after his engine failed to start.

The flare was noticed by assistant manager of the Robe Lakeside Tourist Park, Janet Zijm.

“We didn’t see the flare go off, just saw the orange smoke,” she said.

“We had binoculars with us so we zoomed in and saw a person waving their hands above their heads trying to get our attention.”

Janet called 000, however fortunately the man was able to restart the boat before help was needed.

The incident is a timely reminder of the need to carry flares that haven’t expired.

Legislation requires all vessels operating in semi protected and unprotected waters to carry a minimum of two hand held flares and smoke signals that haven’t passed their expiry dates.

The waters of the Lower Lakes and any water subject to tidal influence are considered semi-protected waters up to 2 nautical miles from shore.  This includes The Coorong and Port River.

For more information on flares go to www.sa.gov.au.

For a video on how to use flares go to the ondeck.sa.gov.au article.

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