Warning over dangerous scuba diving vest

24 May 2013

A formal safety warning over a scuba diving buoyancy vest has been issued.

The warning relates to ‘Saeko Dive’ buoyancy control device, particularly the Hurricane and Cyclone models, but other models may also be affected.

Buoyancy control devices are vests worn by recreational and professional divers to control their buoyancy in the water.

By adjusting a valve they can adjust the volume of air in the vest’s bladder, maintaining neutral buoyancy underwater or positive buoyancy on the surface.

The problem with the ‘Saeko Dive’ models is that the inflator/dump valve connection is faulty.

The plastic seal can become brittle, causing the inflator device or dump valve to separate from the vest, posing a life threatening situation for divers.

If the seal breaks, the bladder can fill with water, making it very heavy and preventing the diver from being able to surface.

The buoyancy control devices were imported five or more years ago, and the import company has since been sold.

A full recall is being negotiated, but in the meantime the formal safety notice has been issued.

Divers are urged to stop using the devices, or to get the vest tested to ensure the inflator device and dump valve connections are in good order.

Scoober diver