New, locally made patrol vessel launched

19 August 2013

A new, locally designed marine safety patrol vessel will give officers the upper hand on the water.

The eight metre Mooyoonara Wardana was launched on Thursday, 8 August 2013.

Mooyoonara Wardana, translates to “Safe Seas” in the Barngarla Aboriginal language.

The vessel was locally designed by GN Marine Design at Port Adelaide and built by Nautic Star at Lonsdale.

The rigid-inflatable configuration, only the second of its kind in the fleet, will replace an out-of-date fibreglass-cabin designed vessel.

The new design provides greater stability and load carrying capacity, ultimately giving officers a more stable work environment.

The inflatable collar surrounding the vessel will also make it easier and safer to approach other vessels.

The Mooyoonara Wardana will be stationed in Adelaide but will be used throughout the state for marine safety patrols and other operational duties.

New patrol boat