Safety reminder during record cruise season

3 September 2013

Boaties are reminded to stay safe around big ships during a record cruise season for this state.

A record 29 cruise ships will visit this season, carrying 67,000 passengers and crew into South Australian ports, increasing to 37 ship visits carrying more than 100,000 passengers and crew in 2014/15.

In a first, ships will this year dock at four separate South Australian ports – Port Adelaide, Robe, Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln.

A 15-metre exclusion zone exists around these cruise ships, under federal security law.

However, boaties are reminded of the dangers present when sailing in the vicinity of the big boats – a much larger area than 15 metres.

Large boats aren’t able to manoeuvre around smaller vessels and will lose site of boats that come too close.

The best advice is to avoid the deep shipping channels entirely and if you must come in the vicinity of the cruise ships, not to venture into their path.


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