Keep and eye for kayakers

3 October 2013

Kayaking in all forms is growing in popularity along Adelaide’s coastline and rivers.

Paddlers are enjoying getting out on the water to fish or get another perspective of the state’s natural beauty.

The hobby is opening up our waterways to new groups.

However, the sport isn’t risk free and much is being done to remind kayakers of their safety obligations.

Some of the responsibility also lies with other water users.

Kayaks lie low in the water and so can be difficult to see, especially in choppy conditions.

They are also vulnerable to the wash of passing vessels.

Please keep an eye out for these kayaks and give them a wide berth. If you need to pass please slow to four knots if you get within 50 metres.

More information on kayak safety is available in a new publication: kayaks and canoes – safety reference guide.

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