Download GPS coordinates for marine parks

6 November 2013

You can now download marine park sanctuary and restricted access zone coordinates for most popular GPS units from the website

South Australia has 19 marine parks that work together with fisheries management, to help look after what makes our seas special. They can help protect fragile environments from pollution and disturbance and can give the fish, sea lions, dolphins and other marine life we love, a place to breed and grow.

You can still fish in South Australia’s marine parks. It’s just in the sanctuary zones where you won’t be able to fish from 1 October 2014. This gives people plenty of time to prepare for the new fishing rules.

Sanctuary zones are just like national parks on land, they are nature reserves you can visit and enjoy. For example, you can swim, dive, surf and sail in them. You can also motor your boat through them, even with fish and fishing gear on board.

The sanctuary zone locations have been broken down into different components so they can be loaded into most GPS units and marine chart plotters.

Each sanctuary zone has points and lines and each point and line has a unique identification code, displayed in the following order - marine park number, zone type, zone number and unique ID.

A free CD disk is also available with sanctuary and restricted access zone coordinates by calling 1800 006 120 or email us at

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