Inner harbour safety reminder

2 April 2014

In recent months, Arrium Mining has had several instances of sailing vessels that have run in to trouble in the Spencer Gulf seeking refuge in its Inner Harbour, near Whyalla.

The company told the Whyalla News it is more than happy to provide shelter to mariners in distress but they should be very mindful of safety in and around the port.

It is an extremely busy port and can be a dangerous place for vessels unfamiliar with the safety protocols.

Ships transiting the shipping channels cannot stop or turn around and pose a significant risk to boats trying to enter the Whyalla Port simultaneously, particularly when unannounced.

Should anyone run into distress in the Spencer Gulf and be unable to make it back to the marina under their own power, the below protocols should be followed:

1. Contact Whyalla Sea Rescue on 8644 0414. They can assist and/or tow vessels back into the harbour
2. If Whyalla Sea Rescue cannot provide assistance and the only option remaining to the vessel in distress is to come into the Whyalla Port, please contact Arrium Mining security on 8640 4000.

Security will then contact the appropriate people to ensure these harbour movements are carried out in a safe manner.
Anyone with questions regarding any of the above is encouraged to contact Arrium Mining’s port services manager Ashley Dean on 0408 135 355.

More general information regarding marine radio frequencies (emergency channel VHF 16), and distress, safety and urgency calls can be found on the government of South Australia’s website.


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