No holes in bucket requirements

25 July 2011

Fire bucket Bailers can double as fire buckets onboard vessels if they are suitable for collecting water as well as throwing it out.

Regulations require each boat to carry buckets that can be used to bail if the boat is taking water and to try and extinguish flames if a fire starts.

The one bucket will meet the requirements for both uses if it:
  •     is attached to a lanyard
  •     is suitable for collecting water over the side of the vessel
  •     won’t distort or break when filled.
A fire bucket does not have to be metal to meet these criteria.

Boats longer than eight meters operating in semi-protected or unprotected waters must carry two bailers. The fire bucket can be included as one of those if it has a line attached and is readily accessible in case of fire.

For more information on fire buckets and bailers go to the Carrying suitable safety equipment page on