Majority of fatalities not wearing life jackets

9 August 2011

Child wearing lifejacket A Queensland report has shown the majority of people who died on the water in the state during 2010 were not wearing life jackets.

The 2010 Marine Incidents in Queensland Report found 12 of the 14 people who died on the water last year were not wearing the flotation devices.

Although the loss of 14 lives in 2010 was a significant reduction compared to 20 deaths in 2009, Maritime Safety Queensland has called for increased vigilance from boaties.

In South Australia all vessels are required to carry an approved Personal Flotation Device for each person onboard.

Details on suitable PFDs are available on the State Government’s Personal flotation devices page.

The Queensland report looked at 779 marine incidents reported in state waters during 2010.

It found the most common incidents were collisions (36 per cent), groundings (19 per cent) and inundation incidents (16 per cent).

To obtain a copy of the report, visit the Maritime Safety Queensland website at