A safe fit – how to wear a PFD

30 September 2011

childrens pfds A personal floatation device (PFD), also known as a life jacket, should be readily accessible for all people aboard before going out onto the water.

Firstly, choose the most suitable type of PFD for your activity.

Once you have chosen a type then you need to select the best size. The PFD will be labelled with a recommended size and weight.

The right size will fit comfortably and won’t be too tight.

Try a couple of tests to see if you’ve got the right size.

Hold your arms above your head and having someone try to pull it by the arm openings. If it easily lifts over your chin and head, it’s too large.

Next, try sitting, if the jacket rides up, again it’s too large and you should try a tighter fit.

Checking the fit it very important for children. It is recommended that children wear a PFD when they are in any open area of a vessel and it is critically important it is fitted correctly so that the child cannot slip out of it.   It is recommended the type with a crutch strap fitted will alleviate this problem.

 It is extremely difficult to put a PFD on when in the water – so be PFD wise.

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