Reminder to remove pots as Rock Lobster season ends

4 June 2012

Fishers are reminded that the annual closure for both the Northern and Southern Zone Rock Lobster fisheries have taken effect from 6pm  Thursday 31 May.

The closure bans all rock Lobster fishing activity in South Australian waters and will remain in place in the southern zone – until 6am 1 October 2012 and in the northern zone – until 12 noon 1 November 2012.

Rock Lobster pots should be removed from the water and Fisheries Officers will be conducting patrols in coastal waters throughout the closed season, with owners running the risk of being fined or having their pots confiscated.

Director Operations, PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture, Peter Dietman said the 2011-12 recreational season had seen mixed results in regards to compliance.

“In the northern zone, 24 recreational fishers were cautioned or fined and Fisheries Officers seized 36 recreational rock lobster pots for being non-compliant, with the majority of these being on the West Coast,” Mr Dietman said.

“The main issues encountered included pots not being properly buoyed and pots without escape gaps or escape gaps with incorrect dimensions.

“In contrast, Fisheries Officers in the southern zone checked hundreds of pots and were pleased with the level of pot compliance.

“However, 46 fines were issued to recreational fishers in the region, most commonly for taking undersized fish, failure to cut the middle tail fan and taking over the bag limit.”

Suspicious or illegal fishing behaviour can be reported to FISHWATCH on 1800 065 522. Callers can choose to remain anonymous.

Rock lobster measure