New stockpiling news

30 July 2012

Later this year restrictions will be placed on the amount of King George Whiting, Pipis and Razorfish that recreational fishers can stock pile in a bid to protect species.

Up until now there has been no limit on the number of fish recreational fishers can catch and keep in their possession.

The move follows feedback from concerned fishers who took part in a consultation process last year that was aimed at protecting South Australia’s fish from exploitation, mainly from interstate fishers.

It is aimed at trying to stop fishers, often in groups, visiting local South Australian fishing spots, over fishing and stock piling these popular species and depleting stocks in some fishing locations.

The penalty for breaching the regulation carries an on the spot fine of $315 and in certain circumstances can carry a fine of up to $20 000 if prosecuted before a court.

The initial recreational fisher possession limits will affect the following species:

- King George Whiting – Restricted to six times the bag limit or 7kg fillets (72 fish).
- Pipi (Goolwa cockle) – Restricted to four times the recreational bag limit (400 for pipi located west of longitude 136°E, 1200 pipi in other areas).
- Razorfish – Restricted to four times the bag limit (100 fish).

The introduction of possession limits would bring South Australia into line with other states where possession limits already exist, providing a tailored solution meeting the specific needs of the State’s fisheries. For more information visit

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