Net fishers fined $1,120

28 November 2012

Vigilant observations from members of the community have resulted in the prosecution of two Kingscote men for fishing offenses.

In March 2011, two men were observed with a net in the water on a secluded beach at Dashwood Bay, Kangaroo Island.

Members of the public reported the activity to PIRSA Fisheries Officers who were able to investigate the matter.

In Kingscote Magistrate’s Court last week 53 year-old David Neave pleaded guilty to operating a net without a commercial license.

Mr Neave was convicted and received fines and costs totaling $560, while a second man received fines and costs totaling $560 without conviction.

The court also ordered the forfeiture of equipment used in the incident.

Senior Fisheries Officer for PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture, Marg Rowley, said the prosecution was a reminder to all that the community is strongly against those fishers who choose not to abide by the regulations.

“The community is heavily invested in maintaining sustainable fish stocks,” Ms Rowley said.

“Rules and regulations are in place not only to protect the long-term sustainability of the fishery but to ensure all fishers have equitable access to the State’s resources.

“Fishers need to ensure they comply with rules and regulations, and be aware that the public and Fisheries Officers are watching and anyone caught breaking the law will be prosecuted.”

Recreational fishers in South Australia are not permitted to use mesh nets in marine coastal waters.

More information about the rules that apply to recreational fishing, including gear restrictions, can be found at

People are encouraged to report illegal or suspicious fishing activity through the 24 hour FISHWATCH number on 1800 065 522. Callers can choose to remain anonymous.

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