Stop illegal oil dumping at Lincoln Cove Marina

19 December 2012

There have been a number of reports of illegal dumping of oil waste at Lincoln Cove Marina in Port Lincoln, posing significant risks to the environment.

The illegal dumping of waste oil at the Lincoln Cove Marina can potentially damage the environment with the real possibility of both soil and water contamination.

Although it may take a little more time to organise safe and effective ways to remove oil waste, it is better in the long run – both economically and environmentally.

There is a waste oil station for the commercial fishing industry only, at North Quay, Lincoln Cove where oil can be disposed of correctly.

The department is working with Council to establish a facility for the collection of waste oil for all the community at the Resource Recovery Centre on Hassell Road.

Oil dumping is illegal under the Environment Protection Act (EPA) and culprits can face charges or fines.

If you witness any illegal oil and waste dumping, you are encouraged to contact the EPA Illegal Dumping hotline on 1800 623 445 or 8204 2004.

oil dumping in port lincon