Blitz finds safe boats and vehicles in Coffin Bay NP

5 February 2013

Blitz shows holiday makers staying safe in the Coffin Bay National Park region.

During a Boxing Day safety operation on boats and vehicles were inspected to for correct registration, licensing, park permits and safety equipment.

All boats inspected were registered, licensed and had all the equipment needed on board.

Four kayakers were also inspected when they entered the National Park.

Of the more than 50 vehicles inspected only one motorist was fines for failing to pay the entrance fee.

The operation stressed the importance of marine safety in the area.

Remote and rough terrain is no place for inexperienced 4WD drivers or boaties, with dangers of getting bogged or worse such as capsizing and being injured.

Safely disembarking from the park’s riverbanks can also be tricky.

Boating safety handbooks were handed out.

The operation was a joint initiative by the Department for Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure, the Department of Primary Industries and Resources of South Australia and the Department of Environment, Water and Resources.

More joint operations will be carried out in the future.

Information on the Coffin Bay National Park can be found at the website:

coffin bay national park