Poor KI compliance reminder for shack owners

19 March 2013

The poor result during recent patrols in Kangaroo Island is a reminder for holiday house owners about regularly checking their boat.

During a week in late January more than half of the boats checked were unsafe and illegal.

Of the 34 boats, 19 were non-compliant with safety regulations.

The majority of boats checked were owned by Adelaidians on holiday at the Island, Transport Safety Compliance Officer, Pat Sparks said.

“Many people keep a boat at their holiday house on the Island and so don’t give it any attention during the year,” he said.

“As these vessels are often used in remote locations it’s extremely important that operators can rely on their vessel and its equipment if they get into trouble.”

A total of 14 fines and six warnings were issued for missing equipment such as personal flotation devices and expired flares.

In addition 52 licence tests were conducted during information nights during the week.

Click here to watch a video of the safety equipment needed.

Information on safe boating is available at sa.gov.au/boatingmarine

Boats on Kangaroo island