Six jet skiers fined over Adelaide Cup weekend

21 March 2013

Speeding and unlicensed jet skiers were fined over the Adelaide Cup long weekend during a safety operation.

Over the three days 23 personal watercraft (jet skis) were checked.

The following fines were issued along metropolitan beaches:
- 2 exceeding 4 knots with 200m of shore
- 2 unlicensed and cautioned for giving false details
- 1 failing to wear Personal Flotation Device (life jacket)

Jet skiers are reminded of their obligation to ensure they consider the safety of others. They must comply with boating regulations as well as the following:

- all persons on board must wear a Personal Flotation Device (life jacket) type 2 or 3
- only the holder of a boat operators licence can operate a personal watercraft
- a personal watercraft may only be operated during daylight hours between 8am - 8pm Monday to Saturday and - 8pm on Sundays, but if operating on the River Murray and engaged in water-skiing a PWC may be operated between sunrise and sunset.

- A 4 knot maximum speed restriction applies within:
          - 50m of swimmers, surfers, small unpowered craft and divers flags
          - 30m of vessels affected by the wash, vessels being launched and retrieved, jetties and wharves
          - 200m of the metropolitan coast
          - creeks, lakes, lagoons that are connected to the River Murray upstream of the Wellington Ferry.

Penalties of a maximum of 1 year imprisonment (for an aggravated offence) or $2500 for any other offence may be imposed for not complying with these regulations.

Where an operator operates a vessel at a dangerous speed or in a dangerous manner a penalty of 2 years imprisonment may apply.

Further details about operating a personal watercraft safely can be found at

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