Purchasing a second-hand boat? Don’t forget to transfer the HIN

6 May 2013

An often overlooked part of purchasing a second hand vessel is transferring the registration to the new owner’s name.

The registration is linked to the boat’s unique Hull Identification Number (HIN), which can help id your boat if stolen.

Following are the steps you need to take to if:

The bought boat has a HIN:
When buying a second hand vessel please verify if it already has a recorded HIN (this will be recorded on the registration certificate).  If it does you will then just need to complete the back of the current registration certificate.

Both the new and the transferring owner are required to sign this document and the new owner then must submit the registration certificate to a Service SA Customer Service Centre (CSC) with the required fee.

The bought boat doesn’t appear to have a HIN:
If the vessel does not have a Boat Code approved HIN recorded on the registration certificate, the new owner will need to complete a New Owner Re-registration form available online or from a CSC.

On receipt of the full year’s registration fee, the new owner will receive a temporary registration certificate valid for 21 days. The 21 day timeframe allows the new owner to have their vessel appropriately Boat Coded by a Boat Code Agent.

This may be by validating an existing HIN on the vessel or affixing a HIN supplied by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

Once the Boat Code process has been completed a registration certificate and label will be sent out.

For more information go to the registering your motorboat page on www.sa.gov.au