Jet ski limits for safer beaches

30 December 2013

Safety officers are patrolling Grange and Henley beaches to ensure operators of motorised vessels such as jet skis are adhering to new restrictions.

Motorised vessels, including jet skis, are prohibited from being used within 200m of the shoreline at Grange and Henley beaches, as part of a trial aimed at increasing safety for swimmers.

The State Government recently granted an Aquatic Activity Licence to Charles Sturt Council to implement the restrictions.
It is calling on other councils to consider applying for a licence to introduce similar trials.

The restriction is a simple yet effective measure to ensure the safety of swimmers while still allowing operators of motorised vessels to enjoy getting out on the water.

Charles Sturt Council determined their restricted zone to be within 200m of the shoreline between Grange Jetty and the River Torrens Outlet at Henley Beach South. Rescue and compliance vessels are exempt from the restriction.

Operators of motorised vessels entering the restricted license area can face a fine of $105, plus the victims of crime levy. The court penalty is a maximum of $750.

Marine safety officers from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have been working with the Council to assist them in patrolling the area.

Charles Sturt Council will be seeking feedback throughout the trial period which will run until March 31, 2014.

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