Illegal to hold expired flares

30 January 2014

Boaters are reminded to make sure they dispose of expired flares and purchase new ones in case of emergency.

Boats operating in semi-protected and unprotected waters are required to carry current in-date marine distress flares.

All flares have an expiry date located on the flare and must be replaced on or prior to that date.

When flares are out of date there are no guarantees they will fire properly or safely when needed.
After the expiry date on a flare is past they are an unauthorised explosive. Once expired the flares must be handed in to a police station, where they will be collected by SafeWork SA and safely destroyed.

The safe disposal of expired flares is essential to prevent any injury from unintended, or deliberate ignition/firing in a non-emergency situation, (e.g. flares are not to be disposed of in rubbish bins, landfills, etc).

Using flares
Video: How to detonate a flare

Flare SES Ceduna