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Safety ‘news you can use’ goes online

30 November 2010

laptop with online OnDeck

The department has embraced the digital publishing age with long-standing marine safety publication On Deck going online.

This move will allow safety messages and information to be published continuously in real time, rather than only getting information to people on a quarterly basis.
It will also allow us to explore a more interactive approach with these communities, including the use of social media for people to comment and send on articles to others.
Design-wise, the online publication has been developed with a rotating feature article and the ability to forward an article to friends – so that the latest safety and regulatory information can be shared.
Anyone going online to view the new online On Deck will certainly see those articles much earlier than people waiting for a posted hard copy. And when you like an article, you can share it by sending it to others via email or twitter – helping them to be safer on their boats and vessels too. Or even print out articles of interest and take them with you.
Director of Transport Safety Regulation, Brian Hemming, said there may be a period of adjustment for people who have grown used to receiving their On Deck hardcopy quarterly.
“We appreciate that the On Deck publication is a valuable resource for people out on the water and are looking to build on its marine safety tradition via this new interactive website,” he said.
“We’re certainly hoping that people will respond positively to this new and real-time form of information distribution.
“You can still enjoy regular sections including Murray’s river matters, out at sea, scuttlebutt, and check your regs – but these will be far more interactive and up-to-date than was previously possible.
“We’ll also be encouraging you all to let us know what’s happening out on the water, so that we can be responsive and share any safety messages with the whole boating community.
“I’ll be looking to raise the profile and spark community discussion about marine safety matters.
“We will certainly appreciate your support in making this exciting new e-publication a widely-recognised resource for the best and fastest information about marine safety and regulation in South Australia.”
To access the new online On Deck go to and click on the On Deck icon.
Features available on the On Deck website:
  •     rotating feature articles
  •     River Murray hazard maps
  •     webcams
  •     boat ramp location maps
  •     latest scuttlebutt news
  •     weather updates
  •     ability to share and track articles via twitter and email
  •     subscription to the site.