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Marinas generate over $1billion per year for economy

12 July 2011


Marinas injected $1.16 billion into the Australian economy in 2008/09 recent research has found.

The study by the Recreational Marine Research Centre (RMRC) at Michigan State University estimated total revenue generated by each marina in Australia was $3.6 million.

The marinas employed an estimated 6,400 people or 17 employees per marina.

Marina Industry Association of Australia (MIAA) President Andrew Chapman said: “The findings demonstrate that marinas are a vital asset providing major economic and employment benefits within their respective communities.”

“Well planned and managed marinas provide an excellent platform for sustainable economic and employment growth within communities.”

The report includes 40 tables of data on the significance of marinas as social and recreational hubs.

From samples taken of the marinas the median gross revenue from restaurants and food and beverage was $1.26million.

Some 37 per cent of marinas provided facilities for meetings and functions such as weddings.

A copy of the report is free to members that participated in the study or $89 for MIAA members or $165 for non members and can be ordered by emailing

Participate in further research

As a result of the study the MIAA has been able to establish a world first Health of Marina Index.

The index will collect economic data and track marina environmental and social performance data on an annual basis.

South Australian marinas are encouraged to join the program.

This index is simple to participate in and registrations can be made at