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Vandalism costing KI’s fishing industry

12 February 2013

Ongoing incidents of vandalism are impacting the local fishing industry in Kangaroo Island and potentially placing lives at risk.
The most recent incident, at Vivonne Bay, saw winch gear damaged and the jetty truck, provided by DPTI for the fishing industry, pushed off the end of the jetty.

The hook used by commercial fishermen to haul their catch was also lost in the water.

Kangaroo Island Harbor Master Ian King said this latest incident occurred sometime between 9pm Wednesday, February 6, and 5am, Thursday, February 7.

“These incidents come at considerable cost,” he said.

“Because of the remoteness of the jetty, getting divers to recover items and electricians to undertake repairs is costly, as is replacing parts, and it’s unnecessary.

“There are security measures in place that, unfortunately, are not always followed by those using the facilities which is extremely disappointing,” he said.

In addition to this latest incident, life buoys placed at this and other Kangaroo Island jetties are often discarded into water and safety and security lighting is regularly vandalised

“While repairs do get costly and impact on the efficiency of the local fishing industry, these costs are negligible to the cost of a life should something happen and there’s no lighting or life buoys in the event they’re needed,” he said.

“We ask that people be mindful of this, what might be a prank has serious impacts,” Mr King said.

“We also ask local industry to observe the security measures in place to protect the infrastructure that is ultimately there for their benefit”.



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