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Precautionary safety alert: GME EPIRB

6 November 2013

Standard Communications Pty Ltd has issued a Precautionary Safety Alert for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) manufactured between 2005 and 2010.

This follows the identification of a microprocessor malfunction in a small number of beacons that shuts the device down and results in a self test failure.

In the instance of a failure, the EPIRB would not be able to operate in an emergency situation, placing mariners at risk.

Model numbers GME MT400, GME MT401, GME MT401FF, GME MT403/G and GME MT403FF/FG have been identified as being at risk, however all EPIRBs should be tested at regular intervals to ensure they are in working order.

Standard Communications Pty Ltd advises owners of GME EPIRBs to test their beacon immediately:

1. Remove the beacon from the bracket. Keep the antenna well clear of metallic objects during testing.
2. Lift the cover marked 'LIFT'.
3. Briefly press then release the yellow 'TEST' button.
4. The unit will give a double beep and flash of the strobe light to show it is functioning correctly.
5. Close the switch cover and press firmly into place until it clicks.
6. Return the beacon into the bracket.

Please note that self test instructions are printed on the beacon's front panel and in the owner's instruction booklet.

Standard Communications Pty Ltd have advised that in the unlikely event of any beacon tested failing to produce a positive test result, owners should immediately contact their point of purchase or the GME email