Faulty diving vest recall

10 January 2014

Faulty diving vestThe Saekodive Buoyancy Compensator, also known as Saekodive BC, is being recalled nationwide.

It is the first compulsory recall under the Australia Consumer Law in South Australia.

An investigation undertaken by Consumer and Business Services (CBS) revealed that there are a small number of Saekodive BC’s currently on the market that are faulty.

A plastic seal on the device connecting the inflator/dump valve to the vest can become brittle and detach. This poses a drowning hazard if the failure occurs while underwater as the vest may fill with water and act as an anchor.

Earlier this year, a safety warning notice was issued to South Australian consumers to stop using this product, or at the very least, have it tested to ensure the product they have received is working correctly.

Since the warning was issued, neither the importer, nor retailers, have taken any action to rectify the issue. Subsequently, the government recalled Saekodive BC, Hurricane and Cyclone models manufactured in 2005 and 2006.

Consumers are being warned about the potential danger of this product and anyone who has a Saekodive BC, 2005 or 2006 Hurricane or Cyclone model, in their possession are advised to destroy it.

Consumers who have any questions or concerns about the Saekodive BC product can call CBS on 131 882 or visit the Product Safety Recalls Australia website: www.recalls.gov.au.