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More choice for taxi and rideshare inspections

6 December 2021

South Australian taxi, rideshare and chauffeur operators will have more choice and flexibility for their vehicle inspections under a new multi-provider model being introduced by the State Government.

Under the new arrangements in place from 1 December 2021, operators will be able to choose between three providers, offering greater choice of inspection price, location and availability.

Following a public tender, RedBook will commence service in South Australia in the coming months, joining existing providers Rightway Automotive and the RAA.

The multi-provider model will improve vehicle inspection options for drivers.

Providing a third provider for these vehicle inspections will make it even easier for all operators to meet their inspection responsibilities.

RedBook, Rightway Automotive and the RAA will deliver safe and efficient services that continue to support the current high standards of the passenger transport industry.

Passengers take more than eight million trips annually in Adelaide using personalised passenger transport services. Point to point passenger services (taxi, rideshare and chauffeur operators) allow a driver and vehicle to transport customers on a route and time that suits them.

All passenger transport vehicles must pass a periodic inspection to be eligible for registration or registration renewal.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport assesses the accreditation of all passenger transport drivers and vehicle services to ensure safety standards, efficiency and competency are met.