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The Wardang Island/Waraldi Infrastructure Revitalisation Project

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

3 February 2021

Wardang Island, also known as Waraldi to the Narungga people, is an island located 10km west of Port Victoria, on the mid-west coast of the Yorke Peninsula. The island is owned and managed by the Aboriginal Lands Trust, who represent the traditional owners of the area, the Narungga people.

In February 2018 the Buthera Agreement was established between the South Australian Government and the Narungga people. This agreement was established to develop a respectful and constructive relationship to assist the Narungga community in securing cultural, social and economic wellbeing.

This agreement then prompted the Wardang Island/Waraldi Infrastructure Revitalisation Project. The project is envisaged to open up new economic, recreational and cultural opportunities for the local Narrunga communities.

The delivery of this project has been in close consultation with key stakeholders, including:

  • The Aboriginal Lands Trust (ALT)
  • The Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation
  • The Narungga Nations Aboriginal Corporation

The Wardang Island/Waraldi Infrastructure Revitalisation Project comprises of the construction of:

  • a boat landing facility to ensure safe access to the Island,
  • the removal of asbestos and demolition of 19 abandoned buildings, which were used for the mining of lime sand on the island, used as a flux in the smelting operations at Port Pirie, during the early 1900’s; and
  • the construction of new building facilities to accommodate Indigenous Rangers and the local Narrunga community.

It is anticipated these infrastructural changes to Wardang Island will allow further development of the Island by the Narrunga people, enabling the community to secure the cultural, social and economic wellbeing that the project intended.

The project has accomplished a great deal of the construction goals and is expected to be completed in 2021.

Further information, including history and media, can be found at:

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