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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan released

30 October 2020

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport is proud to have developed its first  Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

This plan details how the department  intends to contribute to an inclusive and accessible community for all, with consideration to the scope and diversity of the work that we do and our community impact, as well as our role as a significant South Australian employer.

The plan sets out the department’s priorities for reform over the next two years, as well as establishing longer-term goals and strategic priorities aligned to the broader objectives of the state government.

Implementation of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan will commence immediately, and includes work occurring within many teams across the Department, to be coordinated and captured by our Disability Access and Inclusion Team.

This Plan will be reviewed in 2022 and may be updated as we progress, and we welcome feedback and comments from staff and other stakeholders at any time.