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International Day of Older Persons

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

1 October 2019

As the world celebrates the International Day of Older Persons, the department can boast a healthy range of ages among staff, with five generations working together across the organisation.

The mix of staff includes the Traditionalists (pre 1945), Baby Boomers, GenX, Millenials and iGen.

International Day of Older Persons is celebrated across the world on October 1 and this year the theme is The Journey to Age Equality.

A special celebration of The Department's intergenerational workforce is planned for later this year through a series of videos recognising success. Contributions are still being sought, so if you know of some people who could be included, email suggestions to

The Department's current five generations are a clear example of how staff can work together in various locations to deliver positive outcomes.

Two women sitting in front of a window in a high-rise building

Working together

In the Central Services Unit, two colleagues, one who began with the department 24 years ago and one who has been here since 2017, have forged a strong connection.

Lucy Hollow began working for the department in 1995 and has years of experience and knowledge in departmental policies.

Lisa Catanzariti began in 2017, after experience in the private sector, and as a new public sector employee was guided closely by Lucy in her first few weeks, to learn and implement travel bookings.

Lisa and Lucy now assist with training other staff within the team.

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Contagious enthusiasm

The Department's Northern Regional office incorporates a number of intergenerational teams and staff across all ages.

In the past 18 months Janet Brain-Hobbs, Chelsea Lennon and Rhani Connolly have been working together, job sharing and providing mentor assistance to each other to ensure department and community objectives are met.

Janet has been with the department since 2010 and is the Admin Team Leader across multiple divisions. She works collaboratively with Chelsea who had been working in the department since 2017 along with Rhani, the admin trainee who started in 2019.

Janet relates well with younger staff in the office such as Chelsea and Rhani as they bring enthusiasm into the workplace that is contagious and enhances the workplace.

The team look to participate together in self instigated workshops to upskill, share knowledge and train each other the customer service and output is always improved.