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Boost for SA as passengers move from ship to shore

10 May 2019

When passengers arrive aboard gigantic cruise ships, a small team of DPTI staff step into action to make sure they are welcomed and safely moved into the city.

And with more cruise ships destined for Outer Harbor from next year, DPTI's role in helping to boost the state's econonomy through enabling passenger spending is becoming even more vital.

The holidaymakers are greeted by a team of volunteer welcomers as they leave the ship before making their way to the railway station opposite the wharf.

DPTI staff are on hand to give information, sell tickets, including a special day-trip metroCARD, and make sure passengers safely board trains bound for the Adelaide CBD.

Ships can carry thousands of passengers, with many heading to town via trains.

Watch the video below to see how DPTI staff handle the tide of passengers in a safe and friendly manner.