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New speed and red-light camera website

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

8 March 2019

A new website has been launched to give the community more information on speed and red-light cameras and to help people better understand their proven role in encouraging safer driving.

The site will reveal, among other details, where cameras are located and the penalties for breaking road laws.

A raft of interesting information is already available and more news, facts and information will be added.

Phase 1 of the website provides information about current fixed speed camera locations, how priority locations are identified, how cameras work and the different types of technology available.

When Phase 2 is rolled out, users will be able to view where mobile speed cameras are located.

Information on the location of new cameras will also be released, explaining why those sites were selected.

Ongoing information and monitoring of crash data for existing sites will also be provided.

Visit the speed camera website to find out more.