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Notice to Mariners No 15 of 2018

17 July 2018

South Australia - Gulf St Vincent - Water Quality Data Collection Works

Mariners are advised that baseline water quality data collection works will be undertaken adjacent to the Port Adelaide Outer Harbor Channel and surrounds.

It is proposed to deploy three (3) water quality monitoring buoys in mid to late June 2018 (weather permitting), with two buoys deployed adjacent to the shipping channel and one buoy deployed further to the south (approximate locations are shown below).






Dredge plume monitoring site 1




Dredge plume monitoring site 2




Background site



There will be one larger buoy deployed at either site D1 or D2 (1500 mm diameter) and two smaller buoys (700 mm diameter) deployed at the other two sites. The buoys are yellow in colour, are equipped with signage “Research – Keep Clear” and display a yellow flashing light (Sealite 1.5 nautical mile) with the light sequence of 0.3 secs on, 1.7 secs off.

The buoys will be moored to the seabed using two danforth anchors, with lengths of rope/chain running from each anchor to mooring points on each side of the buoy.

At each location there will also be a bed-mounted frame with benthic instruments mounted to the frame. These frames will be secured to the seabed using anchors.

The buoys and bed-mounted frames will be deployed at these locations for a period of approximately 12 months. Deployment of the monitoring buoys and bed-mounted frames will be undertaken using a fully surveyed vessel owned and operated by Whyalla Diving Services.

Mariners are advised to proceed with caution in the vicinity of these buoys.

Navy Charts affected:    Aus 130, Aus 138 and Aus 781Publication affected:

Australian Pilot Volume 1 (5th Edition 2017) pages 399 to 406.

Adelaide, 05 June 2018

Gordon Panton

Manager Marine Operations

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

FP 2012/0105

DPTI 2018/02277/01