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'Residents Win' grant helps keep kids safe

27 March 2018

Kilkenny Primary School students and staff sit with their artwork.

Residents Win grant has helped deliver an innovative project to keep kids safe.

The $13,840 grant was offered to Kilkenny Primary School to help address issues of speeding in the streets around it, which was making travel to school unsafe.

Two murals were painted, one on Jane Street and the other on Blanford Street, West Croydon, to slow traffic by reminding motorists of the local school community and the children actively travelling to school.

The project will also measure vehicle speeds before and after the installation to determine impact of the murals.

Kilkenny Primary School Assistant Principal Corey Taylor was full of praise for his students, who drove the project.

“They chose street murals as a means to combat speeding and unsafe driving," Mr Taylor said.

"I came to them with community concerns, they chose the idea.”