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Have Your Say: Planing Commission seeks formal public and practitioner input into the draft charter and guide

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

30 October 2017

The State Planning Commission has released the draft Community Engagement Charter for a six week public consultation period.

Community engagement is at the heart of the new planning system that will be introduced over the next three to five years.

The Community Engagement Charter supports new and innovative ways to talk to communities and other interested parties about planning issues.

The draft Charter will provide South Australian’s with greater opportunity to shape how areas will grow and develop into the future:

  • Fostering better planning outcomes that takes account of community views and aspirations
  • Establishing trust in the planning process, and
  • Improving the community’s understanding of the planning system.

Central to the draft Charter are the following five key principles for engaging on planning changes, particularly changes to planning rules:

  • Engagement is genuine
  • Engagement is inclusive and respectful
  • Engagement is fit for purpose
  • Engagement is informed and transparent
  • Engagement is reviewed and improved

The draft Community Engagement Charter was informed by an engagement process that included a community panel of 50 South Australians working alongside around 70 people who are actively involved in the planning system. This process helped to shape the Charter’s principles that will be used to guide effective engagement.

The existing legislative process sets out an undesirable ‘one size fits all’ approach to engagement.

The Charter replaces this with new principles that will encourage early engagement that is better tailored to suit the proposed change to planning rules or strategic plans, taking into account the level of potential impact and level of interest.

The State Planning Commission has a key role in ensuring engagement meets the principles of the draft Charter.

An accompanying guide provides a step by step framework for practitioners in preparing for engagement processes, and evaluation for those undertaking engagement.

The six week consultation period will be underway from Monday 30 October to Friday 8 December 2017.

Feedback will assist the State Planning Commission in finalising the draft Charter and Guidelines ready to be considered by the Minister for Planning.

To lodge a submission and for more information about the Community Engagement Charter visit the website