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New public transport education campaign to improve respect and behaviour

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

16 October 2017

A new Adelaide Metro ‘Travel Behaviour Tips’ education campaign will target students and schools, aiming to improve respect for bus drivers, fellow passengers, public transport services and infrastructure.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and Adelaide Metro are committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of all passengers, including students. Adelaide Metro operates 225 dedicated school services each weekday.

We understand that everyone is different and we all have different transport journeys and experiences. One thing that we should all have in common is our consideration of other passengers.

The majority of students behave appropriately but there is a small percentage who do not.

The campaign, developed in consultation with the Minister for Transport Stephen Mullighan, the Transport Workers Union and Department for Education and Child Development, will encourage the students catching dedicated school services to be courteous on board public transport by highlighting a range of etiquette tips:

  • Remember to validate. It’s not a free ride, pay up for your trip.
  • Keep your personal devices personal. Other commuters may not want to hear your music or listen to you conversation.
  • Don’t graffiti and respect property.
  • Consider others who are sharing your journey and be mindful of your actions.

All commuters should be aware that there are certain behaviours that won’t be tolerated and penalties may be applied.

The campaign, which has now commenced to coincide with the start of school holidays, will be deployed across the following media:

  • Hangars on board school public transport services
  • e-Flyer provided to schools
  • Social media
  • Adelaide Metro website

For more information and tips, visit