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Multi-purpose swim centre now a power generator too

22 Sep 2017

While the swimmers, the gym junkies and the fun-seekers are inside burning energy, the roof of the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre is producing it!

Just installed and now operational on the Oaklands Park facility’s roof: 1,600 solar panels, together producing 702,000 kilowatt-hours of energy each year (equivalent to the output of 170 homes).

The system is expected to save about 192,000 litres of fuel each year, offsetting 442 tonnes of carbon in the process.

And that’s not to mention the big cut to the marquee swim facility’s power bill: it’s estimated the new solar system will pay for itself within seven years.

All up the project cost $1.2m (a figure that also includes new LED lighting in the centre’s car park, and a lighting upgrade to the gym and other inside areas).  The Office for Recreation and Sport in partnership with its operator the YMCA drove the project, which was installed by SA’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the team from Solar Depot.  The official launch was last week by Kylie Taylor, General Manager of ORS and Kyle Chalmers OAM, Olympic Gold Medallist.  

One extra feature, added to help spread the renewable energy message - a video screen.  While the SAALC’s patrons are sweating it out, burning off the kilojoules, the screen will display how much energy the panels above them are putting back!

The SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre is a major Government of South Australia sporting facility, hosting national and international swim meets, including Olympic trials.

Kylie and Kyle Solar panels Kylie and Kyle