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South Australian Driver’s Licences to go Digital

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

22 September 2017

Hon Chris Picton MP                                                                                               

Minister for Police
Minister for Road Safety 

South Australian Driver’s Licences to go Digital

In October, South Australians will be the first to benefit from a state wide roll-out of leading technology to enable driver’s licence-holders to go digital.

The new feature will be optional and available to anyone with a Learner’s Permit, Provisional, Full or Heavy Vehicle Licence. It complements the traditional licence system – and users of the app are strongly encouraged to retain their physical licence.

Digital driver’s licences offer users added convenience, which has already proven successful during an
initial phase-in for digital Proof of Age Cards, Boat Licence, Land Agent and Land Sales Representative Registrations and Vehicle Registrations.

The mySA GOV app has a number of security features, including:

Fingerprint, PIN-protection and a one-time barcode which refreshes every 30 seconds to prevent fake licences from being used. This barcode will be available on all digital passes and licences and can be scanned by anyone with the mySA GOV app, including other licence holders, businesses and police to ensure a licence is valid.

Expired or suspended licences displayed in the app will show a large orange or red bar at the bottom of the licence to indicate the status and will not show a barcode, as expired or suspended licences cannot be validated.

A “shake to animate” feature which displays the time and date when the phone is shaken to indicate the licence is not a photo or screenshot, and allows the licence to be used where mobile phone coverage is not available.

The app displays licences in real-time, reflecting changes of licence conditions, such as suspensions.

Anyone interested in a digital driver’s licence can sign up now for a mySA GOV Account and download the app – before the new licences go live next month.

Venues and businesses around Adelaide are also encouraged to start signing on to the system so they can verify patron ages.


Before passes and licences can be added to the app, users will need to sign up for a mySA GOV account and verify their identity for security purposes.
Standard physical passes and licences will remain in use for the foreseeable future and will still be provided to all licence holders.  

Digital passes and licences displayed in the mySA GOV app are an electronic form of the existing physical licence and are valid credentials.  Applications for new licences and licence renewals will continue to be available through existing service delivery channels.  

Local South Australian business, Appvation developed the prototype and production versions of the app.

Extensive security testing has been undertaken by independent organisations to ensure personal data is safe and cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

Digital licences for Motor Vehicle Instructors and Driver Accreditation for taxi, bus and chauffeur drivers will also be available from October.

Digital Occupational Licences for builders, plumbers, gas fitters, electricians and security and investigation agents are scheduled to be released later in 2017.

For further information, including how to register for an account and download the app, visit