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Public consultation begins on future vision for the Repatriation General Hospital and surrounding area

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

30 August 2017

The State Government is calling for public comment on the rezoning of the Repatriation General Hospital at Daws Park to enable a wider range of land uses including health and aged care, rehabilitation and allied health services as well as facilities for education, training and research.

The new policy recognises the importance of heritage and the community value of the site and seeks quality design outcomes recognising the adjacent residential areas.

Under agreement with the State Government, South Australian not-for-profit organisation, the ACH Group, will renew and redevelop the site into a unique, integrated health, wellbeing, aged care, rehabilitation, education, research and Veteran’s precinct.

The ACH Group is committed to retaining the heritage buildings, the Repat Chapel, SPF Hall and Remembrance Garden and preserving the spirit of the site in perpetuity.

The vision for the site’s redevelopment will be contained in a masterplan prepared by the ACH Group and will be required to adhere to the State Government’s principles for the site and the new development plan policy.

The Repat site presents a rare opportunity to make the most out of a large site in Adelaide’s southern suburbs with good access to the Adelaide CBD, Tonsley, Flinders University and Flinders Hospital.

The public consultation period for the rezoning commences today and closes Monday 23 October 2017.

The public can attend drop-in sessions on Thursday 21 September at the Blackwood Community Hall or on Wednesday 27 September at the Cumberland Park Community Centre.

Written submissions can be made to the State Planning Commission before 5pm Monday 23 October 2017.

For further information on this DPA and how to have your say visit:

For information on the redevelopment of the site contact SA Health by email

The South Australian Government is preparing to relocate services from the Repat site to other health care precincts later this year.


Making the most of the Repat land requires changes so that people, education providers, non-government organisations and businesses can invest in the site for healthcare,
learning, education, research, ageing and community related purposes, with confidence.

The current council zoning and rules that control how the land can be used are old and restrictive to institutional land uses only. Even some existing uses (like houses along
Francis Street and fronting Goodwood Road or the petrol station) would not be supported if proposed as new today. 

Changing the zoning rules involves a proposal detailing how those rules will change and making them available to the public for comment.

The State Government entered into a Contract for Sale over the Repat site with the ACH Group in June 2017. The ACH Group proposes to invest around $200 million to renew the Repat and redevelop the site into a unique, integrated health, wellbeing, education, research, ageing and Veterans precinct.