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Notice to Mariners No 11 of 2017

7 August 2017

Mariners are advised that dredging operations at Osborne have now been completed. A multi-beam hydrographic survey, which was carried out on 29 June 2017, indicated a minimum depth of 10 metres as referred to Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) for the full extent of the new Berth 1 and 9.3m LAT for the approaches. The new berth box is now approximately 245 metres long, 35 metres wide and is bounded by the following WGS84 coordinates:

34⁰47’32.86”S, 138⁰30’39.22”E

34⁰47’43.69”S, 138⁰30’36.53”E

34⁰47’42.69”S, 138⁰30’35.37”E

34⁰47’34.90”S, 138⁰30’37.31”E

34⁰47’33.17”S, 138⁰30’38.36”E

The approaches from the channel to the new berth box are bounded by the following WGS84 coordinates:

34⁰47’32.86”S, 138⁰30’39.22”E

34⁰47’31.22”S, 138⁰30’43.80”E

34⁰47’40.35”S, 138⁰30’41.26”E

34⁰47’43.96”S, 138⁰30’40.45”E

34⁰47’46.82”S, 138⁰30’40.11”E

34⁰47’43.69”S, 138⁰30’36.53”E

As a result of the above works, Osborne Berth 2 has been reduced in length to coincide with the new southern boundary of Berth 1.

Navy Chart affected:                      Aus 137

Publication affected:                      Australian Pilot, Volume 1 (Fifth Edition, 2017) page 406

Adelaide, 11 July 2017

STEPHEN MULLIGHAN, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

FP 2012/0105

DPTI 2017/02277/01