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Digital Notifications For Rail Corridor Works

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

16 May 2017

The Department has today introduced a digital notification system to notify residents near tram and rail corridors of upcoming night works.

Once registered, residents and businesses will receive notification, sent via SMS or email, to advise when maintenance works are planned in their area.

The service is designed for those living near train or tram corridors and who may be impacted by night maintenance and emergency works.
Residents who do not have a mobile phone or email can request family members, neighbours or friends to receive the notifications on their behalf.

Businesses and landlords can also register to receive digital notifications, to then advise tenants and employees of intended night works.

The new digital notifications will make it easier for DPTI to notify residents of changes in work schedules due to weather conditions, logistical considerations or in response to emergency work activities.

The online Rail Maintenance Works Calendar will continue to be maintained as dates of upcoming maintenance works are confirmed. Paper notifications will be phased out from Saturday 1 July 2017, to provide simpler, faster and more efficient customer-focused digital notifications.

Residents around rail corridors are currently being progressively informed about this change.

To sign up for digital notifications or view the rail maintenance calendar, visit: