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Salisbury Heights to Greenwith

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

4 April 2017

From Tuesday 4 April 2017, the suburban boundary of Greenwith will be extended into the existing suburb of Salisbury Heights.

Salisbury Heights currently spans two council wards – the City of Tea Tree Gully and the City of Salisbury – which has historically resulted in confusion with postal and emergency services.

The western boundary of Salisbury Heights will be moved to expand the suburb of Greenwith by 20 per cent, aligning residents and ratepayers currently residing in the Salisbury Heights section of the City of Tea Tree Gully council area to the existing suburb title of Greenwith.

The expansion will provide improved access for amenities such as post and emergency services, and an identified feeling of being better connected to the City of Tea Tree Gully.

The Surveyor General through the Geographical Names Unit will update address details on behalf of residents for a number of organisations however residents are encouraged to visit for suggested organisations which may need to be contacted directly.

Other location details such as council rates, Australia Post and emergency services will be updated by the State Government and local council.