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Motorbike riders to be permitted to 'lane filter'

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

22 March 2017

Motorbike riders will be allowed to 'lane filter' on SA roads from 15 April 2017 following changes to the road rules intended to align South Australia’s laws to those in other States.

Lane filtering is the practice of motorbikes moving between stopped or slow-moving cars at no more than 30km/h, which may reduce the risk of a motorbike rider being hit from behind by an inattentive driver.

Motorbike riders should familiarise themselves with the new law which specifies that:

  • Lane filtering will only be permitted when it is safe to do so
  • Lane filtering is only permitted when travelling 30km/h or slower
  • Only riders holding a full R licence or R-Date licence are permitted to lane filter (the laws exclude provisional and learner drivers)
  • Lane filtering is not permitted in school zones or on crossings, next to parked cars, between vehicles and the kerb, or on roundabouts
  • Lane filtering is not permitted in bicycle, bus or tram lanes

Riders who fail to comply with any of these conditions may face a $363 expiation fee and the imposition of three licence demerit points.

Ahead of the new law coming into effect, drivers are being reminded to check both mirrors and be aware of motorbikes filtering through traffic.

Our department has launched a video and will be running an educational campaign to help all road users understand the new laws. The video and information on the new laws are available at