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State Government to boost battle against graffiti on public transport

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

13 February 2017

A new security contract to be entered into by the State Government will include increased security presence focused on protecting Adelaide Metro infrastructure from graffiti vandals.

The new arrangements will see increased patrols around vulnerable areas of attack by vandals, with an emphasis on reducing the number of graffiti attacks on stations, trains, trams and buses.

It coincides with new figures reveal that the State Government has spent $486,752.54 for the removal of graffiti over the past three years.













Together with other costs including employing staff and vehicle expenses, the annual cost is more than $600,000.

The increased security presences comes as the State Government continues its $4 million roll-out of new high-tech CCTV cameras, improved lighting and emergency contact points at stations and interchanges across the Adelaide Metro network.

Albert Park Station was the first station to receive a security upgrade with stations at Broadmeadows, Woodville and the Entertainment Centre to follow.

These new CCTV cameras will add to our existing network of more than 1000 CCTV cameras to combat crime across our public transport services, alongside the intelligence-based work of SAPOL’s Public Transport Safety Branch and DPTI safety officers.

Other initiatives to be rolled out include ‘green screens’ at graffiti hot spots, which involves planting trees and hedges along stretches of walls at stations, making it hard for vandals to graffiti them.

The State Government will also provide a funding boost for its Rail Care initiative providing $75,000 towards a grant programs to help improve the amenity of Adelaide’s train, tram stations and rail corridors.