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Permanent right turn restriction from Richmond Street onto Hackney Road

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

10 February 2017

As part of the O-Bahn City Access Project, the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure advises that the right turn from Richmond Street onto Hackney Road will be permanently banned from 7am Monday 20 February 2017 to improve safety.

Bollards will be in place from this date whilst works to install a permanent concrete median are completed. 

From 7am Monday 20 February 2017, road users wishing to travel north along Hackney Road from Richmond Street will be required to turn left onto Hackney Road and head south and then use the upgraded U-turn facility at Plane Tree Drive.

Crash statistics over the last decade indicate there is a significant safety issue associated with existing access arrangements to/from Hackney Road from the adjacent local road network. In particular, around 60% of crashes recorded along Hackney Road have involved vehicles attempting a right turn manoeuvre.

VMS signage is in place to advise Richmond Street road users of the right turn restriction.

Access to local businesses and residential properties will be maintained during the median upgrade works.

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