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Tram issues at South Road Tram Overpass and South Road Closed

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

18 January 2017

Around 7am, Traffic Management Centre received reports of debris falling from the South Road tram overpass.

Initial inspection showed debris falling from the bike path attached to the tram overpass.

In the interests of public safety, tram services were stopped in the area.

A structural engineer was called to inspect the site, and an independent bridge expert will also be consulted.

Until DPTI are satisfied that passengers, cyclists and motorists are safe, South Road has been closed between Cross Road and Anzac Highway and police are on site.

Trams are currently running Glenelg to Stop 8, and Entertainment Centre to South Terrace. Substitute bus services are running in place of trams.  The Mike Turtur Bikeway is also closed at South Road.

We will provide updates as soon possible.