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Have a safe Christmas and New Years if heading out on the water

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

22 December 2016

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is reminding all boaters with a promotional campaign targeted at boaters that you “Can’t put a price on safety and getting home alive, your lifejacket is better on you than in your boat” during the Christmas and New Year school holiday period.

Paul Gelston, Chief Operating Officer said we are promoting all boat users putting on a life jacket whether heading out on the ocean or to the river.

“If boaters are out on the water, please be particularly vigilant and responsible when children are on board ensuring they wear a life jacket,” Mr Gelston said.

“If there is an accident or incident and children are wearing a life jacket it can reduce the risk of serious or fatal consequences.”

“Although not compulsory, I would encourage every person to wear a lifejacket while out on the water.

“Before taking your boat out over the holiday period please take the opportunity to check all your safety equipment, and all items are in good condition and not expired.

“Lifejackets should be in good condition and not have any tears, cuts or any straps that are frayed.

“Flares and emergency position-indicating radio beacon’s (EPIRB) are the most common items to expire on boats, but inflatable lifejackets also need to be checked every year to make sure that they are going to work if you need them.

“Inflatable lifejackets are very popular because they are easy to wear but they can suffer wear and damage from normal use and being stored over the winter months.

“In some cases, inflatable lifejackets may also need to be checked by a service agent, this will vary between brands.

Boaters are strongly encouraged to refresh their knowledge before going out on the water by reading the SA Recreational Boating Handbook, or practising the boat licence test online at

“Please stay safe on the water this holiday boating season,” Mr Gelston said.

Reports of dangerous activity, or river hazards can be reported to the Murray Watch phone line on 8531 0710.

Boaters can keep up to date with any changes to regulations around waterways by visiting