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DPTI Media Release - Glenside DPA approved

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

8 December 2016

The redevelopment of surplus government land at Glenside is one step closer with the approval of a DPA rezoning 16.1 hectares of land to Urban Corridor Zone.

The site, which is to be redeveloped by Cedar Woods with construction set to commence in 2017, provides a unique opportunity to deliver a high quality and well-designed urban environment in close proximity to the Adelaide Park Lands and Central Business District consistent with the directions of The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide and other key state strategic objectives.

Up to 1,000 dwellings are to be constructed, comprising 800 apartments and 200 two-storey townhouses.
Cedar Woods was chosen by the government as preferred developer due to its vision for the site as well as its experience in delivering innovative medium to high density developments across the country.

The DPA and Master Plan, prepared by Renewal SA, process for the site has had extensive public consultation since early 2015 and has included several public forums including an open day, information sessions and targeted briefings.

It is estimated that the project will generate up to $400 million in construction over the next eight to 10 years and create 450 full-time jobs.


In approving the DPA, particular consideration has been given to the following issues:

Building Heights and Densities:

The approved policy approach seeks to enable development up to a maximum 8 storeys (from the current 6 storeys) with height transitioning down to 2 storeys near the interface with the Residential Zone and other sensitive uses.

  • Over-height development will be allowed in appropriate locations but only where it meets strict design and sustainability measures and other measures to reduce potential impacts.
  • All development over 4 storeys in height will be subject to the Design Review Process to ensure that impacts on adjoining development can be minimised and good built form outcomes achieved.
  • State Heritage Places:

    The approved policy will ensure that existing heritage buildings within and adjoining the affected area are retained and integrated into future developments on the site (and adapted for residential and minor commercial uses), creating a distinctive sense of place.

    Open Space and Stormwater:

    The approved policy seeks to ensure the retention of existing significant/regulated trees and the establishment of public open space across the affected area, including along the Fullarton Road frontage and in proximity to State Heritage Places. Approximately 30% of the site will be designated as open space.

    The approved Concept Plan enables the creation of an expanded detention basin/public open space which will address stormwater issues.

    Traffic and Access Arrangements:

    Road upgrade requirements have been identified and funding mechanisms put in place to enable the installation of traffic signals at the main access on Fullarton Road, and additional capacity added at the Greenhill Road/Fullarton Road intersection.

    The Master Plan applicable to the site envisages a local road network which will minimise traffic impacts on the surrounding residential area.