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CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

30 November 2016

Image of participants in the Determined2 SCUBA Immersion Therapy program

National recognition for SA organisation Determined2 who were awarded at the 10th National Disability Awards for Excellence in Inclusive Service Delivery.

The award recognises excellence in innovative service design led by Australians with disability, or innovative services that apply person-centred approaches for Australians with disability that demonstrate genuine engagement with Australians with disability.

Determined2 are making waves as the only organisation in Australia to offer Immersion Therapy – a medically approved SCUBA program.

Immersion Therapy gives people with disabilities, injury or other medical conditions the opportunity to experience the benefits of freedom of movement and complete weightlessness in the water, using and stimulating muscles not normally used.

But Determined2 is about much more than therapy, for many people it’s also a pathway back into regular recreation and sports activity and social interaction and engagement.

So far Determined2 has succeeded in getting medical permission for the first time anywhere in the world, for someone with diagnosed epilepsy to go SCUBA diving.

The group’s founder and managing director Pete Wilson says his philosophy is about opening up participants’ options and their expectations about what they can get out of life.

The Office for Recreation and Sport supports the work of Determined2 through the award of a $48,000 grant to Disability Recreation and Sports SA under the Sport & Recreation Development and Inclusion Program.

Find out more about Determined2 on their website or Facebook page.