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Young athletes in Ceduna living their dream

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

28 November 2016

Two new videos have been developed which showcase the young athletes and people involved in the State Government’s pilot Sporting Regional Pathways program in Ceduna.

The program, which is funded by the State Government with contributions from the Ceduna local community, was developed to give South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) Talent Search identified athletes in Ceduna the opportunity to develop their sporting talent in their own region.

The distance from Ceduna to Adelaide has meant that it has been difficult in the past for students to access and take up opportunities such as SASI sports scholarships, SASI Talent ID Squads or State Sporting Association Development Programs

The Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation successfully formed the Far West Sports Academy in conjunction with the Ceduna Area School and other local partners to provide a pathway to success for young athletes living in Ceduna identified through SASI Talent Search in Schools testing.

Hear some of their stories in the short video below:

The Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation is a key partner in the success of the program and aims to see young athletes excelling in Ceduna by providing good coaches and mentors for them.

Through the program some athletes have been selected to try out for elite sporting programs. The videos also show the positive influence the program has had on athletes through being able to build friendships, learn resilience and teamwork skills.

To hear more stories watch the video below which features interviews with partners, coaches and the athletes themselves: